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Rheintalcup 2018: P5 P6 Finals




Sport Gallery

Vierländerkampf in Zuchwil (CH, D, F, GB)


Kunstturnen SMJ in Neuenburg (Gerätefinals)

Kunstturn-Tag Bern/Freiburg in Romont

Rheintalcup 2015 Nationenfinal

Kunstturnen SM in Widen Amateure Kt. BE/FR

Kunstturnen SMJ 2014 in Wil, Bilder der Berner Thumbnails

Mittelländische Kunstturnertage Malters 2014 Thumbnails

Kantonaler Kunstturnertag BE-FR Thumbnails

Rheintalcup 2014 Thumbnails


Why choose JSN Tendo?MM Photo Project is trying to make people happy with the created photos. Like the title mentions, it is trying to realize advanced and challenging projects. It started as a hobby, now the demands on the material (camera, lenses, studio equipment etc.) has raised as well as the demands on the final result/photo.

Do you have a crazy photo idea? Contact me. I am very motivated to realize any challenging project.

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